Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eventful Friday Out and Video Making in IT

The sun was splitting the trees on Friday morning, and all TY's set off to the NCA in Blanchardstown. The atmosphere was great on the bus and everyone was looking forward to their day ahead.
We all quickly got changed into our swimsuits and we were out in the pool. Some brave girls decided to swim a full mile themselves. The others got to divide into groups and swim a mile as a group. I realised how unfit I was hahaha!
After swimming, we went to Blanchardstown shopping centre for some food and a look around the shops. Overall it was a great day and many thanks to the teachers who brought us and to the LCVPs who organised the trip.
In IT classes, Mrs.L assigned us an end of year project to create a video of our choice which lasts three minutes. I'm really excited to do this project as I've made videos before and I love making them! I'm looking forward to see everyone else's videos :)

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