Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Minicompany Madness!!

Although its been a lot of work, it's safe to say that Minicompany has been my favorite project in TY this year :) My group "William's Words" decided to make a dictionary which translates 16th Century English into modern day English to make studying that little bit easier. It took a bountiful amount of work, but the end result was rewarding.
We only got our booklets printed on Saturday, just in time for the competition on Monday. Two judges from the Student Enterprise Board came to our School and judged all the mini companies. William's Words won the innovation award and we were shortlisted. We'll find out next Friday whether we got through to the Kildare competition. I pray that we do, it'd be absolutely amazing!
I've good news, today in Work Experience a journalist from Leinster Leader was there. I told him about my Minicompany, and he was very intrigued and he wants me to write an article tonight about our product and it'll be on the next paper. I'm so grateful for this as its a great way to promote our product to a bigger audience. Below are a few pictures from the competition on Monday...

<-Theres our Mini Co team..consisting of Ruth,    Caitlin, Juliette, Ciara, Aisling and I

Our Shakespearean Stand

Ruth and I with the booklets we produced

Innovation award...woooohooo!!!

Everyone put in so much work for Mini Company so well done to everybody :) 

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