Tuesday, 9 April 2013

William's Words coming to an end.

As we're coming to our last term in Transition Year, and all our Mini Company competitions are over..we are beginning to close down our businesses. Its amazing to think how far we have come this year. We've developed team work skills, organisational and unforgettable memories. 
Its so impressive to think that a group of fifteen and sixteen year old girls can actually work together to design, create, publish and sell their own product. I was very lucky to work with such an amazing set of girls and getting to create a product which I was so passionate about.
Although it has been quite stressful, I have enjoyed the Mini Company project the most out of all the projects this year as I've learnt a bountiful amount of skills. I've developed as a person - I've come to know myself better. I've realised that everything requires effort and work in  order to be successful. Independence is key and team work is essential.
 I'd like to sincerely thank my Business teacher Ms.P as without her, we would have been lost. She guided us through the whole process and kept us positive and enthusiastic even though things seemed impossible at times. She gave up so much time for us and we're so appreciative of it.

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