Friday, 23 November 2012

Junk Kouture Madness!

All us TY's have spent from September onwards working on our Junk Kouture projects. There is a wide variety of differently styled outfits in my class. From presents, to flower pots, to lolly pop sticks! Having a look at the Junk Kouture projects would certainly make you smile as they're all bursting with colour. This day in two weeks we have our fashion show. I am doing my Junk Kouture project with Ruth and the outfit is based on the theme of crisp packets. For the last few weeks we were both stressed, but now as it's coming together nicely it's a great relief! <--- Here's a video which shows what theme our outfit is based around. But, our end result is completely different to what we intended to create at the beginning... I will show you all the outfit when it's finished!
                     Junk Kouture really shows us that with a bit of effort and time, old "Junk" can be transformed into something truly beautiful. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

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