Friday, 11 January 2013

What a week!

This week has been one of the best weeks in Transition Year for me so far!

On Tuesday in Art we began our "Casette Tape" project. We're picking a picture of a celebrity and making a casette tape masterpiece out of it. Here are a few examples of what has been done before....

The celebrity which I chose to do a portrait of is Johnny Cash. I chose him because my Dad loves Johnny Cash and I'll give him the finishing piece! It'll be hard work, but worth it when it's finished. I haven't done art since first year so this will be a challange for me!

In Home Ec, we baked scones. I never knew baking was so fun! It didn't take long for the scones to be all eaten by the family when I got home. In Home Ec, we're baking every Tuesday. Next Tuesday, we're baking Apple Crumble. I'm looking forward to that :) On our Friday double in Home Ec, we're designing a teddy bear which will be interesting.

Wednesday was our first week of our second Work Experience placement. I'm doing my Work Experience in Halo Cafe. I felt that doing Work Experience here would be useful as you develop a lot of useful skills when working in a cafe. When I got home I was exhausted from all the hardwork. The people there are so lovely.

On Thursday we went to the BT Young Scientist. I had an absolute ball. There was a huge variety of different projects and so many free stuff! Check out my other blog post to hear more about the day :)

On Friday (today) we spent four classes completing our mini company work. "Williams Words" is my Mini - Company idea and we're designing a Shakespearean dictionary. It took so much time and effort to complete but we're finally finished. We've sent it off to print this evening and hopefully they'll be ready to sell soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the team or message us on our Facebook page...

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