Thursday, 11 October 2012

What us TY's are getting up to so far...

Transition Year is a great opportunity to focus on things you usually wouldn't have the opportunity to do in other years. In each subject, we've been getting up to a lot so far...

Irish: In Irish we're doing presentation's about life in school, our area, sport in our school and so on! Standing up in front of my class and present something I wrote myself was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I overcame it and its really not as bad as I thought it was. We're also learning about different careers and what people do. 

English: For the first few weeks, we did a module on Film Studies. It was like what we covered in the Junior Cert, but more expanded. We read an inspirational speech by Nelson Mandela which included the line "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond imagination". I really enjoyed that speech. We're now on debating. I'm really enjoying Transition Year English so far.

Maths: We're working on simultaneous equations and algebra, which I've always found slightly difficult.. but I'm beginning to get my head around them all!  Last week our Maths teacher assigned us a project on a famous mathematician. I'm looking forward to get cracking with that.

Spanish: In Spanish we've done a lot on describing movies, and talking about going to the cinema. My Spanish vocabulary has expanded a lot already. We wrote a paragraph in Spanish on our favourite movies. Mine of course, was "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days". We typed these out and our teacher is pinning these up on the walls in the classroom.

History: So far this year we've been focussing on the government, and what the government does. I have a different History teacher this year and I'm beginning to look at History differently. It's really interesting!

Geography: We've spent the last few classes in the computer room working on our, "Trip Around The World" project. There's a lot to do in it, but it's really fun and interesting. I'm learning a lot about countries that I never would have known.

Home Ec/Art: We're still working hard at our Junk Kouture projects. We have a whole box, of about five hundred crisp packets cut up into shreds which we're sticking on our outfit. Never knew designing an outfit would take this amount of time and effort. The result at the end will make it all worth it.

Music: Our class is learning how to play the guitar. I think it's amazing that more girl's are learning how to play, because it's such a great instrument. I love music!
Technology: In the first week or two, we learned how to use the technology instruments and learned about the techniques needed by making a keyring out of plastic. We're currently making a clock.. it's slightly harder than the keyring.

Science: We've been doing a Nanotechnology module with Ms.O'C. It's been so interesting! We're changing teacher next week to do another module. We also have to get started on our Sci-Fest projects.

Religion: We did projects on the 2015 World Millenium Goals. I had Goal 4. We've watched "Educating Essex" as part as anti-bullying week to highlight the damage that bullying can do to someone emotionally. We're watching "The Secret Millionare" at the moment. This shows us all about the poverty in Ireland. 

Overall, we're doing so much work in Transition Year. We're learning a lot, and having fun along the way. I hope the rest of Transition Year is as enjoyable as it has been so far :)

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