Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Fun Day

Having fun is what us TY's do best, and we certainly had some craic last Thursday. Class Cairdeas kindly hosted a party for the TY's in the library in the morning. We all did Kris Kindle in our classes where we bought a small present for someone under a fiver. A girl in class Cairdeas dressed up as Santa and gave out the presents. There was smiles all round when everyone opened their gifts.
There was food, drinks and party music playing and everyone was having a great time. We all did the cha-cha slide! Then, at quarter to eleven there was two coaches outside to take us to bowling. In no time, we got to the bowling alley and we divided into groups. I am terrible at bowling, I must admit but I still enjoy it thoroughly and I had a brilliant time with my friends.
After bowling, we went to the Whitewater Shopping Centre. We had the opportunity to do anything we wanted for an hour. Typically, my friends and I headed straight to the food court and I got Ginzeng. Mm love  chinese food :)
Overall, I had a brilliant day and it got me into the festive mood :)

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